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A Month Without Plastic- Final Wrap-up

Ocean Sonics is a B Corp company. This means that we employ a triple bottom line policy; people, planet and profit. To help unpack that statement, Ocean Sonics believes that profit isn’t the only purpose for a business; we should be enriching our communities, employees and environment. That’s why we chose to take on this plastic free challenge. Working in our oceans we see first hand the kind of environmental devastation issues such as pollution and climate change can cause. We wanted to do our part to see if we could reduce our plastic pollution and divert at least some plastics away from our oceans. Read More…






A Month Without Plastic-Week 3 Wrap-up

The extreme heat wasn’t the only thing making our plastic free challengers sweat this Canada Day! Over a long weekend that is synonymous with red solo cups and back yard BBQs avoiding plastic cups, cutlery and the plastic accoutrement that so often accompanies celebrations, the plastic free challengers wondered how they would fare. Armed with reusable straws and cutlery, glass dishes and determination, the challengers managed to make it through the long weekend sticking closely to their plastic free guns. A couple slip-ups were anticipated but the support from friends and family made having a plastic free Canada Day much less daunting. Telling those we were celebrating with made avoiding plastic easier. Read More.






A Month Without Plastic- Week 2 Wrap-up

Another week has come and gone, but plastic is forever. Our plastic free challengers have done their best to avoid plastic in it’s many forms however, becoming more aware of how pervasive plastic is in our day to day lives is a blessing and a curse.

Actively avoiding plastic has created an environment of awareness. There is plastic that is easy to see, it’s everywhere and its obvious. But then there are the hidden plastics, the plastics that are harder to identify and excessive packing, often an afterthought. This week some our challengers discovered the joys of hidden plastic packaging and excessive packaging. Read More.








A Month Without Plastic-Week 1 Wrap-up 



It’s been a week since we began our plastic free challenge and living without has proven itself to be more difficult than initially anticipated. There were some easy changes we were able to make such as packing plastic-free and zero waste lunches and refusing items like plastic straws or produce bags. As we got further into our challenge it became very clear that avoiding disposable plastics was going to be more difficult than we ever anticipated. Read More







A Month Without Plastic-Meet the Plastic-Free Challengers


Welcome to our first blog post! We will be using this blog to document our 30 day journey as plastic free patrons in a hyper-packaged world.

This year there has been a spotlight on our oceans, in particular the, literally, growing issue of plastic pollution. In honour of World Oceans Day, members of the Ocean Sonics team are taking on a 30 day ‘Month Without Plastic’ challenge. Read More.