Real-Time Situational Awareness

Hydrophones serve as indispensable tools for real-time situational awareness by identifying and analyzing underwater acoustic threats in real-time. The icListen smart digital hydrophones offer intelligence into potential threats from underwater vehicles, vessels and divers or natural disturbances such as earthquakes and tsunamis. 

The icListen can identify the presence of marine species during defense exercises and help mitigate environmental impacts. The icListen allows for informed decision-making during underwater operations. 

Why choose the icListen for real-time situational awareness?

  • They are accurate. The icListen has the perfect combination of performance and sensitivity offering calibrated, precise instruments that are simple to use.
  • They have low self-noise. All of our icListens have low self-noise of 32 dB re uPa2/Hz. 
  • They are calibrated. Each icListen is calibrated to the IEEE standard.
  • They are commercial off the shelf. Purchase the entire solution right away, no research and design required.
  • They are compact. icListen-based systems are easy to transport, handle and deploy wherever they may be required.
  • They are recognized. The icListen has been integrated with multiple globally recognized autonomous surface and subsurface vessels.

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