Subsea Asset Inspection

The icListen, a real-time smart digital hydrophone, aids subsea asset inspection by providing real-time acoustic monitoring, which helps detect structural issues and anomalies. Its high sensitivity and wide frequency range enable the identification of subtle changes in underwater soundscapes, indicating potential problems early. By offering continuous, long-term monitoring capabilities, it ensures ongoing asset integrity and reduces the risk of unexpected failures. Additionally, its data integration and remote accessibility features allow for efficient and precise analysis, facilitating timely maintenance and repair actions.

Why choose the icListen for Subsea Asset Inspection?

  • They can easily detect low and high-pressure leaks.   
  • They have event detection.  
  • They are small and compact. The icListen hydrophone is designed to be small and light, making it easy to transport and handle. This compact design reduces the logistical challenges typically associated with deploying underwater acoustic equipment. 
  • They are easily integrated. 

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