Bringing The Ocean’s Voice to Our Communities 

July 3, 2024

At Ocean Sonics, our passion lies in giving our oceans a voice. As inventors of the real time digital hydrophones, we understand the crucial role underwater noise plays in understanding and protecting marine ecosystems. This spring, we took our mission beyond the walls of our office and into the heart of the community, participating in two significant events. 

World Oceans Day at the Discovery Centre 

Our first community initiative took place at the Discovery Centre in Halifax, coinciding with World Oceans Day. This global event, celebrated annually on June 8th, aims to raise awareness about the importance of the ocean and the need to protect it. At the Discovery Centre, we set up an interactive exhibit that allowed children and families to experience underwater listening firsthand. 

One of the most exciting aspects we highlighted during this event was that underwater sound offers a variety of discoveries, especially for young audiences. Hydrophones open a window into our ocean and our ecosystem as a whole, revealing not just the calls of marine mammals and the hum of aquatic life, but also the sounds of weather and other natural phenomena. 

For instance, children can learn to identify different weather patterns by listening to underwater sound. The patter of rainfall on the ocean surface creates a distinct sound that varies with the intensity of the rain. By analyzing these sounds, we can even estimate rainfall amounts, turning a simple listen into an endless list of discoveries. 

The attendees were highly engaged as they listened to real-time underwater sounds, sparking curiosity and a deeper appreciation for the marine world. The hands-on experience was not just educational but also inspiring, fostering a sense of connection and responsibility towards ocean conservation. 

Our participation in World Oceans Day was a resounding success. By engaging the younger generation and their families, we moved closer to our goal of nurturing a community that values and understands the importance of protecting marine environments.  

One Port City Day with the Port of Halifax 

Building on the momentum from World Oceans Day, we joined forces with the Port of Halifax for One Port City Day. This event aimed to bridge the gap between the port’s activities and the broader community, highlighting the port’s role in the city’s economic and environmental landscape. As part of this initiative, Ocean Sonics showcased how underwater noise connects us to the ocean and its inhabitants. 

Our exhibit featured live demonstrations of our hydrophones in action, capturing the diverse soundscape of Halifax Harbor. Visitors were intrigued by the range of sounds, from the rhythmic pulses of ship engines to the pops of small bubbles. By making these underwater noises accessible to the public, we highlighted the intricate relationship between human activities and marine life. 

Even more subtle sounds, like the waves hitting the dock or the gentle swaying of underwater plants, become accessible through hydrophones. These sounds tell a story of the ocean’s health and the delicate balance within marine ecosystems. By making these discoveries, children and families were able to appreciate the richness of the underwater world and the importance of protecting it. 

Through our participation, we emphasized the importance of monitoring and managing underwater noise to protect marine species. Increased awareness of how everyday activities affect underwater ecosystems can lead to more sustainable practices and policies. One Port City Day was an excellent platform for us to share our knowledge and advocate for the preservation of our oceans. 

The Importance of Underwater Noise Monitoring 

Underwater noise is a crucial element in the health of marine ecosystems. It affects the behavior, communication, and well-being of marine species. At Ocean Sonics, we are committed to making underwater noise monitoring accessible to communities, researchers, and policymakers. By providing tools and education, we empower people to take action in protecting marine environments. 

Community engagement is a key component of our mission. By participating in events like World Oceans Day and One Port City Day, we bring the ocean to the surface, fostering a deeper connection and commitment to conservation. These initiatives help uncover the underwater world, making it tangible and relevant to everyday life.  

Looking Forward 

As we continue our journey, we are excited to engage with more communities and expand our educational outreach. The positive response from our recent initiatives has reinforced our belief in the power of community involvement. By giving the ocean a voice and sharing its stories, we can inspire a the next generation to protect and preserve our marine environments. 

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