Hydrophones are invaluable assets for observatories, enhancing listening across diverse scientific disciplines, including environmental monitoring. Integrated within observatory systems, icListen smart digital hydrophones complement other sensors and instrumentation on observatories that are continuously collecting data. 

icListen hydrophones track changes in marine ecosystems by providing processed data for better more informed decision-making. By detecting phenomena such as marine mammal vocalizations or anthropogenic noise pollution, hydrophones contribute to the assessment of ocean health. Furthermore, icListen hydrophones enable early detection of underwater events such as seismic activity, underwater volcanic eruptions, or even the sounds associated with glacial calving. This real-time data stream aids researchers in understanding underwater processes and their potential impacts on marine environments and coastal regions. 

Why choose the icListen for observatories?

  • They offer real time data. The icListen provides real-time monitoring and feedback, allowing users to verify and adjust settings on the fly to ensure optimal accuracy. This capability is essential for dynamic environments where conditions can change rapidly. 
  • They have low self-noise.  
  • They have high sensitivity. The icListen is equipped with state-of-the-art hydrophone sensors that are highly sensitive and capable of detecting a wide range of frequencies with precision. These sensors are designed to capture even the faintest underwater sounds accurately. 
  • They are easy to integrate.  

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