Acoustic Ranges

Acoustic ranges are used to evaluate the acoustic signatures of navy vessels and submarines in different operational conditions and to ensure the noise emitted from these vessels are minimized. 

Acoustic ranges are normally fixed and static with multiple calibrated hydrophones. Commercial off the shelf (COTS) products, like the icListen can now make it easier to develop ranges and to make them more transportable for surface vessels and submarines. 

Why choose the icListen for acoustic ranges?

  • They are commercial off the shelf. Purchase the entire solution right away, no research and design required.
  • They self-synchronize. Allowing one to form arrays very easily.
  • They offer broadband and narrow-band analysis. Offering both broadband and narrowband analysis ensures that a device like the icListen hydrophone can provide versatile, comprehensive, and detailed acoustic monitoring, making it highly effective for various research and operational needs in underwater environments.
  • They offer automatic report features. The automatic report features of the icListen hydrophone enhance its functionality and usability, making it a powerful tool for marine researchers and professionals who need efficient, accurate, and timely acoustic data analysis and reporting.

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