Ocean Sonics Launches Lucy II: The Next Generation of Hydrophone Array Software

March 12, 2024


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Ocean Sonics Launches Lucy II: The Next Generation of Hydrophone Array Software


TRURO, NOVA SCOTIA, MARCH 12, 2024 – Ocean Sonics, a leader in underwater listening, proudly announces the launch of Lucy II, the latest iteration of its icListen software designed specifically for hydrophone arrays.

Lucy II represents a significant advancement in underwater listening software, offering enhanced features and functionalities to detect, locate, and track sound sources with precision. Developed as a PC software program, Lucy II is tailored for use with one or more hydrophones, catering to the diverse needs of marine researchers, ports, and industrial operations.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, Lucy II elevates the capabilities of what can be captured from the hydrophone array systems. Users can now seamlessly stream, record, and analyze a wide array of icListen hydrophone data with simplicity, accuracy and reliability.

One of the standout features of Lucy II is its intuitive user interface, specifically crafted to present data both graphically and numerically. This optimization ensures that field the teams working in the field can easily interpret and make faster decisions about the information gathered, making Lucy II a vital tool for real-time monitoring and analysis in various marine environments.

“Lucy II represents a significant leap forward in hydrophone array software, offering unmatched performance and usability for a wide range of applications,” said Mark Wood, CEO and Founder of Ocean Sonics. “We look forward to continue building on our software to support a variety of listening projects.”

For more information about Lucy II and other products from Ocean Sonics, please visit www.oceansonicsstg.wpengine.com

About Ocean Sonics

Ocean Sonics is an innovative leader in underwater listening. Established with a deep-rooted commitment to giving the oceans a voice, Ocean Sonics combines simplicity, accuracy, and reliability to develop unrivalled products. Our flagship product, the icListen, is a real-time smart digital hydrophone designed and crafted for users in the Ocean Science, Energy, Defense, Maritime Transportation, Aquaculture and Fisheries sectors.

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