Search and Rescue (SAR) Pinger Localization

Hydrophone arrays are essential tools for pinger localization during search and rescue operations. These operations could involve human life such as on airplanes that have gone down in the sea, or underwater equipment (such as ROV’s, AUV’s, ASV’s, etc,) that can be lost during deployment. 

The icListen smart digital hydrophones can self-synchronize and form arrays easily to localize and detect the acoustic signals emitted by pingers. The icListen array is able to precisely track accurate positioning information in real-time. This facilitates swift and efficient deployment of rescue resources, contributing significantly to maritime safety and security. In challenging and potentially dangerous maritime environments, icListen hydrophones support search and rescue operations, ultimately saving lives.  

Why choose the icListen for SAR Pinger Localization?

  • They are accurate. The accuracy of the icListen is unmatched as it’s equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, wide dynamic range, a rigorous calibration process, and real-time monitoring and feedback.
  • They self-synchronize. Allowing one to form arrays very easily.
  • They can quickly locate pingers. Our ranges include 1Hz to 200 kHz.
  • They can be easily deployed. Deployments are made possible from AUV, diver, and small and large boats. The icListen hydrophone is designed to be small and light, making it easy to transport. This compact design reduces the logistical challenges typically associated with deploying underwater acoustic equipment. 
  • They can be shipped on commercial planes. The icListen can be a carry-on item on commercial planes. It’s battery is regulated for commercial flight. 
  • They can go very deep.  The isListen can go to 6000m in some cases and is built in a titanium body. 

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