Underwater Radiated Noise Measurement

Hydrophones are instrumental in underwater radiated noise monitoring (URN). Whether originating from marine vessels, industrial activities, or natural phenomena, underwater radiated noise can produce sounds that affect marine species’ behavior, communication, and overall health. Strategically deployed in key marine areas on buoys or the seabed, icListen smart digital hydrophones capture and record these acoustic signals, providing invaluable data on noise levels.

Real-time analysis of the icListen processed data empowers users to assess the underwater noise, pinpoint sources of anthropogenic noise pollution, and evaluate its potential impact on surrounding marine ecosystems. By comprehensively understanding and monitoring underwater radiated noise using hydrophones, proactive measures can be implemented to mitigate its adverse effects, safeguard marine biodiversity, and promote sustainable practices. 

Why choose the icListen for Underwater Radiated Noise?

  • They are easy to use. The icListen hydrophone is designed to be small and light, making it easy to transport and handle. This compact design reduces the logistical challenges typically associated with deploying underwater acoustic equipment. 
  • They offer real time information. The accuracy of the icListen is unmatched as it’s equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, wide dynamic range, rigorous calibration processes, and real-time monitoring and feedback. 
  • They are accurate. They are compatible with the IMO guideline standards.  

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