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Dr. Valeria Vergaras research into beluga communication demonstrates how animals use sound in the changing Arctic.

On the otherwise barren shore of the Cunningham River, a small red and white stripped yurt interrupts the blue arctic sky. For the 5 week duration of the arctic summer, this small tent is home base for Valeria Vergara, an expert on beluga communication. For two consecutive summers, Vergara made the long journey from the Vancouver Aquarium to the Arctic Watch Lodge at Cunningham Inlet to study the calls of the beluga whales who return every year by the hundreds and thousands to molt their skin, care for their new born calves, and bask in the cold arctic sun.

Valeria Vergara is an expert in beluga communication and behaviour. She became particularly curious about individual beluga contact calls when she discovered that calves in captivity learned calls identical to that of their mother during a study, she performed at the Vancouver Aquarium where she was working as a staff researcher. It became her goal to discover what these calls mean and if they can be attributed to an individual animal, like an acoustic name tag. Through her preliminary research, Vergara has made a number of discoveries concerning beluga communication and is looking forward to building on them through her upcoming projects…..

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Ocean Sonics featured in Marine Technology’s MTR100

Ocean Sonics manufactures the icListen Smart Hydrophone, an innovative passive acoustic monitoring system. Ocean Sonics combines smart electronics with very high signal performance to give customers reliable and easy to use hydrophone systems. This enables users to collect, record, measure and process sounds. Committed to the responsible collection of sound data from our oceans, Ocean Sonics has created hydrophone systems that are non-disruptive to sensitive ocean ecosystems. As a certifi ed B Corp company, Ocean Sonics meets rigorous social and environmental performance standards, rooted in accountability and transparency. Creating digital hydrophone arrays is now simple. Connect two or more icListen Smart Hydrophones together and they self-synchronize, operating as one. Whether using internal hydrophone memory, or logging multi-channel data externally, users record multichannel array data. The Ocean Sonics approach offers a range of geometries, including vertical, horizontal, very small geometrical arrays or spread out over many km.


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New Era of Humpback Whale Research

As featured in Sea Technology, July 2018 issue


For more than 15 years, Jupiter Research Foundation (JRF), based in Los Altos, California, has immersed itself in science and technology research and development with the primary objective of learning and creating something new. Over the years, JRF has broadcast live whale song to the world, analyzed electrical signals from single-cell organisms, developed an autonomous ocean-going amateur radio and microscope and co-invented a high-tech, ocean-going, unmanned surface vehicle, the Wave Glider (WG) that has revolutionized how researchers monitor the world’s oceans. This invention led to the formation of Liquid Robotics, a Sunnyvale, California, business that was acquired by The Boeing Co. of Seattle, Washington, in 2016. JRF has recently embarked on its most ambitious project yet: the Humpback Pacific Survey (HUMPACS). This mission combines two of JRF’s passions: humpback whales and radio technology….Click here for full article


Ocean Sonics technologist becomes PAM certified in female directed course

Empowering woman in STEM: Jillian Duggan completes the Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operators course, the first of its kind offered in Canada

Jillian Duggan, 25, the marine biologist and ocean technologist working at Ocean Sonics is a newly certified PAM, passive acoustic monitoring, operator. Duggan passed the Edgewise Environmental PAM operators course with merit last week in Newfoundland. Continue reading

Ocean Sonics Releases Coastal Acoustic Drifting Buoy

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