Ocean Sonics Joins The PIER in the Port of Halifax, Expanding Global Maritime Partnerships

May 2, 2024


Ocean Sonics Joins The PIER in the Port of Halifax, Expanding Global Maritime Partnerships

Halifax, NS – May 2nd, 2024 – Ocean Sonics, a leading innovator in underwater acoustic technology, is thrilled to announce its move to join The PIER, the Port Innovation, Engagement and Research living lab dedicated to transportation, supply chain and logistics industries. This pivotal decision marks a significant milestone in Ocean Sonics’ journey, strengthening its connection with local industry leaders while bolstering efforts to extend its footprint across ports worldwide.

The PIER serves as an epicentre for maritime innovation and collaboration, offering a collaborative space for industry leaders. By becoming a part of this ecosystem, Ocean Sonics is positioned to deepen its engagement with key players in the maritime sector.

“Our decision to join The PIER reflects our commitment to amplify our impact within the maritime transportation community,” said Mark Wood, CEO of Ocean Sonics. “This move not only facilitates closer collaboration with local industry leaders but also opens up new avenues for expanding our reach to ports around the globe.”

Ocean Sonics’ cutting-edge acoustic technology plays a pivotal role in addressing challenges faced by ports worldwide, ranging from vessel tracking and underwater radiated noise monitoring to marine mammal monitoring. By leveraging The PIER’s robust network and resources, Ocean Sonics aims to accelerate the deployment of innovative underwater listening solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern ports.

With a shared vision of advancing maritime innovation, Ocean Sonics looks forward to leveraging its newfound partnership with The Pier, and to help give our oceans a voice.


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About Ocean Sonics

Ocean Sonics is an innovative leader in underwater listening. Established with a deep-rooted commitment to giving the oceans a voice, Ocean Sonics combines simplicity, accuracy, and reliability to develop unrivalled products. Our flagship product, the icListen, is a real-time smart digital hydrophone designed and crafted for users in the Ocean Science, Energy, Defense, Maritime Transportation, Aquaculture and Fisheries sectors.

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