Maritime Transportation

  • Bridges & Piers

    Anthropogenic noise has increased drastically in recent years due to the rise in ocean infrastructure development. Pile driving, the practice of pounding long hollow steel pipes called piles into the ocean floor, is required to support underwater structures such as turbines. Pile driving is used to drill turbines into the ocean floor for the purpose of tapping into natural energy sources such as oil, gas, and wind. Pile driving is also used to build bridges and piers. Pile driving has the potential to produce some of the loudest anthropogenic sounds that enter the marine environment.

    Ocean Sonics produces hydrophones which are specially designed for regulatory compliance with pile driving. The icListen SC2-X2 is specially calibrated to monitor the loud noise levels which come with pile driving. Our complete bundle includes all the required accessories; Launch Box, Cables, Lucy Software, to easily and instantly monitor sound levels while pile driving for bridges and piers. Reach out to our sales team and let them know about your project to have them prepare a custom hydrophone package designed for marine pile driving for your bridge or pier.

  • Shipping Noise

    In the market of Environmental Monitoring hydrophones are used to learn more about the local marine environment and improve understanding of how underwater sound effects cetacean activity. Hydrophones serve as an education tool for researchers, scientists, and students to help build awareness of the sensitivity of the marine environment and the impacts of commercial shipping. Monitoring of marine acoustic disturbances, changes in ambient ocean noise, and the potential effects of acoustic masking with regards to cetaceans, will help accurately assess the effects of shipping noise on the marine environment.