icTalk Smart Projector

10 kHz to 200 kHz

icTalk High Frequency Smart Projector

icTalk HF 200m


Looking for a calibrated sound source?

The icTalk Smart Projector is an all-in-one projector that produces a complex range of tones and sweeps. It can be set up by an operator once, and used indefinitely after that, requiring only occasional charging of its battery.

This calibrated instrument outputs sounds over the 10 kHz to 200 kHz range, giving more than 3 octaves of flat response and low distortion. Peak output is 140 dB re.1uPa @1m.

The small hand-held device runs for days on its internal battery, or power it through its data cable. Users can create custom sounds with the combination of tones, sweeps & pauses available.


Features of the icTalk Smart Projector:

  • Frequency Range: 10 kHz to 200 kHz
  • Peak output is 140 dB re μPa @1m
  • Configurable output patterns
  • Configurable output triggering mechanisms
  • Can be run from battery or tethered
  • Maximum depth: 3500 meters
  • Interface: RS232 (19200 bits/second)
  • Small size, 4.7cm (dia) by 22cm (length)


Benefits of the icTalk Smart Projector:

Users of the Ocean Sonics icTalk Smart Projector see it as a powerful tool well suited for tank calibrations, quality assurance at sea, or as a general purpose sound source.



  • Underwater Acoustic System Quality Control
  • A Source for Sound Channel Modelling
  • Sea Mammal Sound Simulator
  • Calibration, Tone or Sweep
  • Beacon or Pinger


Talk Assistant Screenshot

A Lucy display of a icTalk output signal as heard by an icListen

Product Software:

Users communicate with the icTalk Smart Projector through a PC program called Talk Assistant. This program provides an interface that lets users set up the operating mode, and create the output pattern that the instrument will project. Output patterns can be built using tones, sweeps, and rests in an event table containing up to 40 events. The output pattern can be configured to repeat continuously, or a set number of times per triggering event (start command or magnetic switch activation). The time between pattern repetitions is also configurable.




icTalk may be deployed in tethered mode, with a communication link and power connected, or allowed to run from the battery without a communication link. In tethered mode, output can be initiated either by sending commands over the communications channel, activating a magnetic switch, or configuring the unit to output sound continuously. The icTalk HF communicates over RS232 at a baud rate of 19200 bits per second. When running from battery power, sound output can be configured to run continuously, or be activated using a magnetic switch.

To power the icTalk device, either a communications cable or shorting plug must be connected to the device.




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