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Ocean Sonics designs and builds innovative products to improve the quality and success of underwater sound measurements. The icListen Smart Hydrophone is used around the world as the standard for acoustic monitoring, streaming and hydrophone arrays. Understanding ocean sounds has never been easier with icListen and our data analysis services.

Trust icListen to give you accurate, reliable, high quality data.

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Ocean Sonics Opens New Headquarters in Truro Heights

The new Ocean Sonics headquarters boasts ample room for increased production and ability to accommodate growing staff

May 27, 2019

Truro, NS, Canada

Ocean Sonics, producers of the icListen Smart Hydrophone, has relocated its headquarters from Great Village, NS, to Truro Heights. “Ocean Sonics has experienced tremendous growth in 2017 and 2018,” says co-owner and Operations Manager, Desiree Stockermans. “The new building will help accommodate growing staff numbers and the increased demand for Ocean Sonics products.”

The design for the new building was chosen carefully, to encourage Ocean Sonics company values. Ocean Sonics is a Certified B Corporation. B Corp companies provide positive impacts for their employees, communities and the environment while growing and maintaining profitable businesses. The new building was designed to have a very low impact on the environment, with potential for a living green roof, and all materials and labour either sustainably or locally sourced.

Ocean Sonics worked with partners from Business Development Bank of Canada, Architects Omar Gandhi and Eric Stotts, and Lindsay Construction to bring the new building from a dream into a reality.

The Government of Canada also supported the project.

“Ocean Sonics is ready to scale up, and our government’s support will help the company take advantage of continued growth opportunities in the ocean sector,” said Bill Casey, Member of Parliament for Cumberland – Colchester, on behalf of the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for ACOA. “Supporting and developing Atlantic Canada’s world-class ocean-based business activity, research capacity, and proven technology expertise, is critical to growing the region’s ocean economy.”

Ocean Sonics will officially open the doors to its new headquarters in Truro Heights on June 7th, 2019. The Ocean Sonics team thanks all those who have made this move possible and is looking forward to continuing to push boundaries with its smart ocean acoustic products.

Ocean Sonics designs and manufactures the icListen innovative smart hydrophones and products to improve the quality and success of underwater sound measurements.
Listen Now, the Ocean Sonics way.

Ocean Sonics is a B Corp Company 

Ocean Sonics employs a triple bottom line; People, Planet, Profit. 

This means that Ocean Sonics is dedicated to improving our community through education and being good corporate citizens. We support our employees through professional development, living wages and an open work environment. We act as stewards to our environment, constantly striving to reduce our impact on our environment.

Since becoming B Corp certified, Ocean Sonics has:

Participated in 11 public outreach and education events

Donated or loaned hydrophone equipment to not for profits and environmental researchers

Reduced our office waste through challenges and awareness activities

Moved away from harmful and environmentally unsafe inputs such as polyurethane and lead

Created carpool initiatives, reducing our mileage emissions (75% of our team carpools)

Improved our office recycling and waste management

Supported multiple professional development initiatives for Ocean Sonics staff

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