icListen SA9

icListen Smart Hydrophones are the world’s first digital hydrophone. Use the icListen for real-time listening and event detection, or as an acoustic recorder.

The icListen SA9 models are designed for low-frequency sound data collection. The SA9 is compatible with many radio systems, including GSM, ISM and satellite. The SA9 is depth rated for 900m and has a frequency range from 1Hz to 12kHz. This broadband hydrophone is completely digitized, with internal processing, simplifying data collection. Use the low-frequency hydrophones to classify bubbles and gases, monitor for earthquakes and tsunamis, and shipping noise.

The icListen internal processing capabilities save you time and provides you with the most accurate data possible, without the need for onerous gain settings. The icListen is small enough to carry in one hand, allowing you to deploy with smaller craft, or deploy on autonomous vessels. It is also powerful enough to be combined into simple or complex digital hydrophone arrays. As the most reliable and user-friendly hydrophone available, understanding ocean sound has never been easier.

Have a member of our sales team help you put together a full ocean listening package for your project, complete with a Launch Box, cables, and software!

All of our hydrophones come with complimentary training.