icListen AF

Designed to collect audio frequency sound data, this signature icListen hydrophone is the industry standard broadband marine acoustics.

Small enough to carry in one hand, our simple, accurate, and reliable smart digital hydrophone allows users to collect, process, and listen to ocean sound data in real-time. When deployed, the icListen can give you information that will help with decision-making that needs to be done in the moment, for example, classifying bubbles and gases, monitoring for earthquakes and tsunamis, and shipping noise. 

It is also powerful enough to be combined into simple or complex digital hydrophone arrays. As the most reliable and user-friendly hydrophone available, understanding ocean sound has never been easier. 

Have a member of our sales team help you put together a full ocean listening package for your project, complete with a Launch Box, cables, and software!

All of our hydrophones come with complimentary training.