Ocean Sonics is dedicated to your success. We want to ensure that when you purchase or rent an Ocean Sonics product, you understand how to utilize your new product to the best of its abilities. Therefore every purchase or rental comes with a free training session from Ocean Sonics. We are able to facilitate training in a number of ways, simply choose what format best suits your needs: Skype or Video Call or In-Person, additional charges may apply for in-person training. Your free training session will include a walk-through of your product set-up, deployment options, and data processing including using Lucy Software and/or a web browser to set-up your hydrophone and view and interpret your sound data.

Ocean Sonics’ team of engineers and multi-skilled personnel can help you accomplish your underwater sound needs.

Ocean Sonics is happy to provide troubleshooting and one-on-one support. Our staff is available to answer any questions and ensure that your data collection is as effective and easy as possible.