Lucy Software

Lucy is a PC program developed to allow users to visualize and interact with data collected by the icListen Smart Hydrophone. Lucy displays real-time waterfall and time-series data. Lucy’s waterfall display allows users make accurate measurements from recorded and/or live data.

Lucy provides real time SEL/SPL measurements for regulatory compliance, users can simultaneously record data for simplified post processing and report writing.

Benefits of the Lucy Software:

  • Connects to all icListen Smart Hydrophone products and reconfigures the display to match the instruments features.
  • You can control the data collection options on your icListen Smart Hydrophone
  • Gather real-time acoustic data from icListen and view in a waterfall display.
  • View waveform and waterfall at the same time.
  • The colour waterfall display is flexible, making it easy to detect even small changes in measured sound, and make absolute measurements.
  • View data more clearly by filtering data using Lucy’s noise cancelling tool.
  • Examine data libraries using Replay tools. Users on-shore can view data using the same software. Let them change the noise cancellation properties, or, import data into a spreadsheet.

Software Applications:

  • Ocean Noise Measurement
  • Underwater Machine Monitoring
  • Oceanographic and Scientific Studies
  • Pipeline Leak Detection
  • Pile Driving
  • Dredging
  • Marine Mammal Monitoring
  • Marine Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Monitoring

Latest Version of Lucy is 4.1.1

NEW 4.1.1 Features:

  • FTP data retrieval/Unit updates.
  • RMS/pk-pk graph added for waveform data.
  • Accelerometer/Magnetometer data handling/interface.
  • icListen Trigger status display.
  • Sync status interface.
  • Density reference units.
  • Multiple efficiency improvements and bug fixes.


Modes of Operation:

1. Real Time

  • Visualize acoustic data as it is collected
  • Display waterfall, time-series of FFT data
  • Store unmodified calibrated data

2. Noise Cancelation

  • See through the noise by modelling it, then remove the noise from the display
  • Original data remains unchanged whether or not filtering is enabled

3. Replay Mode

  • Visualize previously collected acoustic data
  • Display FFT, waterfall and waveform data
  • Use Lucy’s Epoch feature to detect events
  • Let Lucy run unattended when processing multiple files