Equipment Services

Ocean Sonics offers many services for our equipment, including but not limited to: Calibrations, Repairs, Upgrades. All icListen Smart Hydrophones are pre-calibrated by our engineers at our facility in Nova Scotia before shipment. Each hydrophone comes with a calibration certificate indicating the data when it was tested and the outcome of the calibration test. Ocean Sonics recommends recalibrating your icListen Smart Hydrophone every 24 months.

  • Calibration

    Standard Calibration Information for Each Product:

    HF (Standard or X2), In-air calibration at 25 Hz, in-water calibration from 10 to 200 kHz b. AF (and AFL), in-air calibration at 25 Hz c. LF, in-air calibration at 25 Hz

  • Warranty

    All Ocean Sonics products are warranted for 12 months from delivery or commissioning. We know accidents happen. If your product needs service, it will be repaired quickly at our facility in Nova Scotia.

    Our field technicians are available for site visits to assist in troubleshooting. Experienced staff are also available by phone for support and troubleshooting.

    Annual instrument maintenance ensures your instruments are in top condition and ready for deployment. Required upgrades are also included in annual maintenance.