Launch Box

Make your Smart Hydrophone completely wireless with Launch Box. Provide two days of additional power to your hydrophone, send data via wifi directly to your personal computer, tablet or smartphone. Ensure accuracy with built-in GPS time sync. Simplify your data collection with this water-resistant, buoyant deck box. Launch Box was created to ensure your sound data collection is as simple, effective and reliable as possible. Contained within the weatherproof box is WiFi capability, GPS time synchronization and extended power to icListen or any 24-volt ethernet device. Launch Box transmits data wirelessly to your computer up to 100 meters so there is no need to cable the device to connect to a computer.

Launch Box can be used with a single hydrophone or for creating multi-hydrophone arrays through smart cables. By eliminating the physical connection to your PC or smartphone, you can relocate your equipment to where it remains safe and dry. Operation time has been extended as Launch Box provides additional power to connected hydrophones while built-in GPS capabilities allow you to accurately time sync your data and record its position. The lithium-ion battery is small enough to be carried on board a plane without difficulty while providing 100-watt hours of additional power. Weighing only 2kg, Launch Box is handheld and easily portable, simplifying your hydrophone deployment.