icListen RB9

The icListen RB9 is our most popular model with many applications in the field. It has a 900 m depth rating and is equipped with a Teledyne Reson sensor. The RB9 is a sophisticated smart hydrophone that is ultra-low noise with a wide dynamic range providing superior signal quality and stability over many years   

Use real-time data streaming to instantly hear, see, and record data from your project for easy and quick decision-making. 

With a wide bandwidth range from 10 Hz to 200 kHz, the RB9 Hydrophone can detect low-frequency sounds from blue whales to humpbacks, up to high-frequency calls and clicks from dolphins, harbour porpoises, and even snapping shrimp. Detect up to 5 unique acoustic event types per deployment.   

The RB9 is versatile too. With self-synchronization, GPS sync, and Network Sync, the RB9 can easily be deployed in hydrophone arrays or create wide area arrays. It also has easy configurations for battery and memory economy for short-term or long-term deployments.  

From environmental noise monitoring to pipeline leak detection this hydrophone can do it all.  

Applications for the icListen RB9: 

  • Ocean Observation 
  • Marine Mammal Monitoring 
  • Pipeline Leak Detection 
  • Offshore Energy 
  • Vessel Noise 
  • General Use 

Have a member of our sales team help you put together a full ocean listening package for your project, complete with a Launch Box, cables, and software!

All of our hydrophones come with complimentary training.