icListen RB9-X2

Ensure regulatory compliance for marine construction, pile driving, or explosives with the icListen RB9-X2 hydrophone. Designed specifically for loud marine environments.  

All our hydrophones can withstand harsh conditions in the field. Whether monitoring underwater construction (even with explosives!), or operating in extreme cold, the X2 can handle it. What makes this hydrophone remarkable is its peak input level of 214 dB! This gives it the ability to process extremely loud noise levels with no clipping. 

Simply connect the RB9-X2 to your Launch Box, deploy it in the water, and start monitoring. The RB9-X2 hydrophone can wirelessly stream Sound Exposure Level (SEL) and Sound Pressure Level (SPL) data direct to your computer, and our Lucy software will track these levels for you automatically in real time. Our software and accessories create a complete package to ensure your marine project will safely comply with all underwater sound regulations related to marine wildlife protection. 

Applications for the icListen RB9-X2 Hydrophone: 

  • Pile Driving (Wind Farms, Bridges, Piers) 
  • Marine Construction 
  • Explosive Monitoring 

The RB9-X2 should NOT be used for: 

  • Marine Mammal Monitoring 
  • Ambient Sound Levels  

Have a member of our sales team help you put together a full hydrophone ocean listening package, complete with a Launch Box, cables, software, and training!