Battery Pack

Thanks to its smart design and extensive testing, the Ocean Sonics battery pack is easy and safe to use, making it the perfect tool for powering a wide range of ocean instruments.

Powered by field changeable D size batteries, these battery packs are compatible with either lithium or alkaline batteries. Ocean Sonics battery packs are depth rated for 200m, 900m and 2500m and have a battery life of 45* to 90 days for a single channel unit.

Compatible with any 24-volt equipment and featuring 5 ports with standard MCBH-8F connectors these battery packs are easily integrated into any project, including mooring ocean observatories and autonomous arrays.

Self-contained and easy mounting for longer deployments, use with Ocean Sonics In-line Battery Pack Frame to make underwater sound measurement even easier. Add Gordon Smart Board to turn your Battery Pack into a long-term acoustic recorder. Extend your deployment up to a year through power savings provided by duty-cycling.

*45 days is achieved by using quality, industrial grade batteries. If using regular/store-brand batteries, 30 days is the life span