The icListen Smart Hydrophone has a new home on the West Coast. Introducing Ocean Sonics Pacific, the headquarters for real-time ocean listening in Western Canada.

Overseeing Ocean Sonics Pacific, located in North Vancouver, is Ken Brough, who has taken on the role of Pacific Product Specialist.

The goal of Ocean Sonics Pacific is to support the various researchers, NGOs and any individual or organization performing activities in the ocean with a need for acoustics. Ocean Sonics provides the highest quality tools for performing underwater sound measurement. With expertise now situated locally, hands-on support, training and problem solving is easily accessible to all those in the western region of Canada.

Training & Support

The goal of Ocean Sonics Pacific is to support new and existing users of icListen products.

Services offered by Ocean Sonics Pacific include, but are not limited to:

  • Training Services
  • Deployment Design
  • Project Consultation
  • Support

Ken Brough, Pacific Product Specialist, is ready to help you meet your ocean listening needs.

Point Atkinson Lighthouse, in LightHouse Park, West Vancouver, Canada. Photo by Ken Brough


To connect with Ocean Sonics Pacific and Ken Brough

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Ocean Sonics Pacific officially launched on September 8th.

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