News Release: Ocean Sonics Launches Ocean Sonics Pacific

Real-time listening on Canadas West Coast is now easier with Ocean Sonics Pacific and new Pacific Product Specialist


Ocean Sonics Ltd, the creators of the icListen Smart Hydrophone, are pleased to announce the launch of their west coast operations; Ocean Sonics Pacific. Heading up the new Ocean Sonics Pacific office is Ocean Sonics newest team member, Ken Brough, who will be taking on the role of Pacific Product Specialist.


In 2011, the first icListen Smart Hydrophones were installed on Ocean Networks Canadas VENUS observatory, and for the past decade, Ocean Sonics has worked with local users to build a community of real-time listening experts. Many organizations and companies on Canadas west coast have adopted the icListen as their underwater listening device of choice. Users of the icListen have broad expertise, ranging from marine mammal and environmental research, to regulatory compliance and vessel noise mitigation. As the need for accessible underwater sound measurement has grown, so has the diverse community of icListen users.


“We want to be present to support existing and new users of icListen products,” says Mark Wood, Ocean Sonics CEO and President. With the Ocean Sonics Pacific office located in Vancouver, hands-on support, training and problem solving is now accessible to those performing underwater acoustic data collection in the region.


“Together with our users, we are advancing the interests of ocean science, stewardship and ethical ocean industry,” says Wood, “Our goal is to make sound data more accessible. We do that by building excellent tools and supporting those exploring and preserving our oceans through acoustics.”


Based in North Vancouver, Ken Brough has years of experience working in the Vancouver Tech industry. Brough, an avid outdoorsman, is familiar with the increase in vessel traffic and ocean industry in the region, as well as the need for responsible exploration and environmental monitoring. As Ocean Sonics’ Pacific Product Specialist, Brough will be hands on to support the goals of the regions users through training, problem solving and deployment design, and by acting as a point person between Ocean Sonics and those looking for accessible ocean sound data.


 Ocean Sonics, trusted world leaders in ocean listening, design and manufacture the icListen Smart Hydrophone. The icListen is the world’s first completely digital, real-time underwater listening device. Designed with simplicity, accuracy and reliability in mind, icListen empowers users to collect and own the highest quality underwater sound data. (


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