Using Smart Hydrophones for Environmental Monitoring

Nestled between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on Canadas East coast, the Bay of Fundy is considered to be one of the worlds natural wonders. Known for its diverse marine life, rich geological history and natural resources, and for having the highest tides on the planet.

Every day, twice a day, 160 billion tonnes of sea water floods into the bay. Its unique shape amplifies the tides to as high as 16 meters, or 56 ft. Each tidal event has the potential to generate an estimated 2500 megawatts of clean, renewable energy.

Understanding environments and the potential effects renewable energy installations can have on them is essential, be it tidal, wave or wind. All renewable energy projects require environmental monitoring. Installations in the Bay of Fundy are equipped with many environmental sensors, working around the clock to ensure environmental impact is mitigated.

Ocean Sonics icListen Smart Hydrophones are among the high-quality sensors currently being used on renewable energy installations in the Bay of Fundy. As part of required environmental monitoring programing, multiple compact digital hydrophones can be strategically placed on renewable energy platforms. Custom made heavy duty guards can be fitted on hydrophones to protect against the rushing tides, crashing waves or high velocity winds. icListen collects environmental sound data and transmits it in real time to researchers and regulators, assessing environmental impacts. For example, in the Minas Basin, the icListen hydrophones are used to monitor marine mammals, in particular harbour porpoises and their spatial distribution.

Ocean Sonics is dedicated to understanding and protecting our natural environment. We provide integrated sound data collection systems using smart cables, drifting buoys and our new launch box for easy deployments. Ocean Sonics new SC2 hydrophone further improves data quality by reducing acoustic reflections and unwanted electrical noise.

It’s crucial to develop Canadas clean energy sector to decrease dependency on fossil fuels, however development cannot come at the expense of marine environments. Ocean Sonics acts as stewards of the environment, developing innovative products to help us better understand marine ecosystems and our effects on them.

Featured in Wave and Tidal Energy Magazine, Issue 17, August 2018

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