Tidal Energy

tidal energy

Tidal energy is a renewable source of electricity which does not result in the emission of gases responsible for global warming or acid rain associated with fossil fuel generated electricity. Tidal barrages don’t change the natural landscape and are environmentally invisible, making tidal energy a truly clean and renewable energy option.

Unlike wind and waves, tidal currents are far more predictable and reliable. We can predict the movement of the tides today, tomorrow, and 300 years from now.

Tidal barrages are undersea tidal turbines, like wind turbines but driven by the sea, harnessing undersea currents. Tidal turbines do not have to spin as fast as windmills to generate power, because water is roughly 800 times more dense than air. Energy can be harnessed from the tides in two ways: using the change in height of the tides; and using the flow of the water. These dam like structures allow the free flow of the water masses in bays and rivers, capturing only the energy instead of the body of water unlike traditional dams, turning tidal currents into reliable and predictable sources of renewable energy