The World’s Best Digital Hydrophone Gets Even Better

Ocean Sonics is excited to announce the release of the newest icListen HF Smart Hydrophone. The SC2-ETH follows the very popular SB2-ETH with its small size and smart electronics, setting the standard for smart digital hydrophones!

Key improvements: 

  • Low Power: Get longer deployments thanks to its lower power. Use as an Acoustic Recorder
  • Connect with 24 or 12 V: Use 24 V for best performance on longer cable runs. Short cables can use 12 V for highest battery efficiency
  • Large Memory: Double the data collected with the 256 GB internal memory. For even more memory, ask about the New Acoustic Digital Recorder.
  • Track Time Accurately even when the icListen is powered off. You can guarantee instrument time is accurate by connecting to your laptop, or to a GPS for Sync
  • Hydrodynamic Shape: Record higher quality data in flowing and turbulent water
  • Eliminate Electro Magnetic Noise from the power supply ‘hum’ even in challenging environments

Enjoy all the icListen features you currently enjoy and more. The SC2-ETH is fully compatible, and can be directly combined with other members of the icListen family.

Contact our Distributors or Ocean Sonics for pricing. Available for sale, September 2017.

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