Hydrophone Recordings

Dolphins – Recorded in the Bay of Fundy


North Atlantic Right Whale – Recorded in Grand Passage



Ocean Networks Canada Sounds


icListen LF – Implosion with 10 Echoes

icListen HF – Human Sounds: Snowmobile on Ice

icListen HF – Sounds of Vessels: Small Boat

icListen HF – Unidentified Marine Mammal Part 1

icListen HF – Unidentified Marine Mammal Part 2

icListen HF – Sperm Whales Echolocating

icListen HF – Outer Coast Bigg’s Orcas at Barkley Upper Slope

icListen HF – Northern Resident Killer Whale G Clan

icListen LF – Magnitude 2.8 Earthquake

icListen LF – Blue Whale in Cascadia Basin

icListen HF – Humpback Whale Song

icListen HF – Humpback Whale Communication Calls

icListen LF – Sei Whale Calls

icListen LF – Repeated Sei Whale Calls

icListen HF – Pacific White-sided Dolphins in Barkley Canyon