Hydrophone Recordings

Dolphins – Recorded in the Bay of Fundy


North Atlantic Right Whale – Recorded in Grand Passage



Ocean Networks Canada Sounds


icListen LF – Implosion with 10 Echoes

icListen HF – Human Sounds: Snowmobile on Ice

icListen HF – Sounds of Vessels: Small Boat

icListen HF – Unidentified Marine Mammal Part 1

icListen HF – Unidentified Marine Mammal Part 2

icListen HF – Sperm Whales Echolocating

icListen HF – Outer Coast Bigg’s Orcas at Barkley Upper Slope

icListen HF – Northern Resident Killer Whale G Clan

icListen LF – Magnitude 2.8 Earthquake

icListen LF – Blue Whale in Cascadia Basin

icListen HF – Humpback Whale Song

icListen HF – Humpback Whale Communication Calls

icListen LF – Sei Whale Calls

icListen LF – Repeated Sei Whale Calls

icListen HF – Pacific White-sided Dolphins in Barkley Canyon



"We have been working with Ocean Sonics in our technology demonstration program since the first prototypes. Our science users have been very impressed with the very high quality data sets. Ocean Networks Canada is expanding our hydrophone network with Ocean Sonic icListen HF smart hydrophones across our observatory including new sites across coastal BC, as part of the Smart Oceans™ program. The compact size, Ethernet interface, high reliability and exceptional performance make these systems ideal for ocean observing applications such as mammal classification, vessel and ambient noise studies. "

Scott McLean,Director, Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre