ROV’s & AUV’s

  • Pipeline Leak Detection
  • Sea Mammal Monitoring 
  • Commercial Shipping Noise
  • Machine Health Monitoring


Hydrophones for use on ROV’s, AUV’s or submersibles

Since acoustics can be used to characterize the ocean environment hydrophones are becoming one of the standard sensors placed on ROV’s & AUV’s. Attaching a hydrophone to an ROV will add the element of sound to the entire underwater experience. Not only will you be able to hear aquatic life, boat traffic, and thumps when the ROV bumps into objects, but you will also hear the ROV’s motors which will quickly tell you if they are working normally.


icListen on ROV in test tank

"We have been working with Ocean Sonics in our technology demonstration program since the first prototypes. Our science users have been very impressed with the very high quality data sets. Ocean Networks Canada is expanding our hydrophone network with Ocean Sonic icListen HF smart hydrophones across our observatory including new sites across coastal BC, as part of the Smart Oceans™ program. The compact size, Ethernet interface, high reliability and exceptional performance make these systems ideal for ocean observing applications such as mammal classification, vessel and ambient noise studies. "

Scott McLean,Director, Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre