New Products: New Releases and Coming Soon

Coming soon from Ocean Sonics

  • Platform 4
  • Acoustic Smart Recorder

Platform 4- The Smallest icListen Smart Hydrophone

Platform 4 is the smallest smart hydrophone to date. Optimized for arrays, omnidirectional and ready for integration into your AUV/ROV/UUV, ocean observatory or to be included into your machine and system health monitoring system. 

Coming April 2019

  • Super low power
  • Extra small size (23mm diameter)
  • 200 khz frequency range

Acoustic Smart Recorder

The Acoustic Smart Recorder, known as Gordon, consists of a smart board inserted into your Ocean Sonics Battery Pack. Created to simplify long-term deployments. Record autonomously for 9 months (and counting!). Connect up to 4 icListen smart hydrophones to quickly and easily create an effective array. 

Coming February 2019

  • Low power (Duty cycling with complete power down to save battery life)
  • Merge waveform data into multi-channel files
  • 2TB internal solid-state storage
  • Fully synchronized arrays
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth
  • GPS time sync

New Releases

Launch Box

Using smart hydrophones is now even easier thanks to Ocean Sonics’ new Launch Box. Launch Box is a compact, portable deck box created to ensure your sound data collection is as simple, effective and reliable as possible. Contained within the weatherproof box is WiFi capability, GPS time synchronization and extended power to icListen or any 24 volt ethernet device. Launch Box transmits data wirelessly to your computer up to 100 meters so there is no need to cable the device to connect to a computer.

Created to simplify hydrophone deployment, Launch Box can be used with a single hydrophone or for creating multi-hydrophone arrays through smart cables. By eliminating the physical connection to your PC or smart phone, you can relocate your equipment to where it remains safe and dry.  Operation time has been extended as Launch Box provides additional power to connected hydrophones while built in GPS capabilities allows you to accurately time sync your data and record its position.

The icListen smart hydrophone simplified life for hydrophone users, Launch Box takes it one step further, simplifying and streamlining deployment and data collection. At Ocean Sonics, it’s our goal to make the most reliable and easy to use ocean acoustic systems. With Launch box in your arsenal, collecting and understanding ocean sound has never been easier.

For more information or to request a quote, contact

Launch Box User Guide

Tow Fish

Want to make your data collection mobile without compromising your data quality? Use the Tow Fish to create a barrier for your hydrophone, allowing you to tow your hydrophone without creating disruptive noise, improving the quality of your collected data.

Use Tow Fish for:

  • Recovery operations(pingers etc.)
  • Animal tracking
  • Seismic surveying