New Era of Humpback Whale Research

As featured in Sea Technology, July 2018 issue


For more than 15 years, Jupiter Research Foundation (JRF), based in Los Altos, California, has immersed itself in science and technology research and development with the primary objective of learning and creating something new. Over the years, JRF has broadcast live whale song to the world, analyzed electrical signals from single-cell organisms, developed an autonomous ocean-going amateur radio and microscope and co-invented a high-tech, ocean-going, unmanned surface vehicle, the Wave Glider (WG) that has revolutionized how researchers monitor the world’s oceans. This invention led to the formation of Liquid Robotics, a Sunnyvale, California, business that was acquired by The Boeing Co. of Seattle, Washington, in 2016. JRF has recently embarked on its most ambitious project yet: the Humpback Pacific Survey (HUMPACS). This mission combines two of JRF’s passions: humpback whales and radio technology….Click here for full article


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