Month Without Plastic – Week 3 Wrap-up

The extreme heat wasn’t the only thing making our plastic free challengers sweat this Canada Day! Over a long weekend that is synonymous with red solo cups and back yard BBQs avoiding plastic cups, cutlery and the plastic accoutrement that so often accompanies celebrations, the plastic free challengers wondered how they would fare.


Armed with reusable straws and cutlery, glass dishes and determination, the challengers managed to make it through the long weekend sticking closely to their plastic free guns. A couple slip-ups were anticipated but the support from friends and family made having a plastic free Canada Day much less daunting. Telling those we were celebrating with made avoiding plastic easier.


It was easy to replace single use cups and plates with their reusable alternatives. We were careful not to use plastic wrap or baggies at our pot lucks and BBQs and we did our best to find plastic free alternatives to typical plastic wrapped goods.


We made it to the other end of the weekend largely plastic free. Congratulations to all the plastic challengers for making it to the last week of the challenge. Let’s check in with all of the challengers to hear about their long weekend without plastic…


Sharon: I really don’t have much to update, my weekend was spent at the cottage where I managed to avoid plastic almost entirely. However, I noticed that the grocery store put plastic wrap on top of the strawberries.  That seemed unnecessary.


Jillian: I have finally gotten into the habit of taking my coffee mug from my car and washing it at night to ensure I won’t end up without coffee the next morning!

I haven’t used plastic bags for anything that I bought on my last trip to the mall. I was impressed by many restaurants using paper-based takeout containers instead of plastic or Styrofoam.

I recently went to see a play in Charlottetown and they only had plastic options for drinks you could purchase, and they made everyone use a lid and straw if you took them into the theatre. I have to give props to my mom who actually thought ahead and brought her own water bottle and they had a refill station in the lobby!


Jay: Made an impromptu trip to the drugstore, when I wasn’t looking, the clerk put 5 items in 2 bags.  I put my sandwiches in waxed paper instead of plastic wrap, so I was able to cut down on my lunchtime plastic this way


Jake: The long weekend was fairly plastic free for me. I was away at a friend’s house. I couldn’t ask them to stop using plastic, so the plastic used was on them, I avoided what I could. Over the weekend I drank mostly beer which was in cans and are recyclable. I celebrated my birthday over the weekend and a couple of my birthday presents were wrapped in or came packaged in plastic, so I’ve had to set that aside.


Rose: We had a surprise retirement party for my mother this weekend. Avoiding plastic wasn’t too bad during the party, however I was given a drink in a plastic cup. I carried the cup with me for the entire long weekend and I am still using it as my bedside nighttime water glass, so at least I am making good use of my plastic slip up.

Other than my solo cup, I was able to avoid plastic for the bulk of the weekend, the only other item I accidentally picked up was a plastic bag at a shop while I wasn’t paying attention.


On to the final week! Check back next week to see the results of our plastic free challenge.

Happy Canada Day!