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Looking for a way to visualize your acoustic data?

Lucy is a PC program that lets you view and interact with data collected by icListen Smart Hydrophones. Lucy displays real-time waterfall and time-series data. Lucy’s waterfall display lets you make accurate measurements from recorded or live data.


Benefits of the Lucy Software:

  • Connects to all icListen Smart Hydrophone products and reconfigures the display to match the instruments features.
  • You can control the data collection options on your icListen Smart Hydrophone
  • Gather real-time acoustic data from icListen and view in a waterfall display.
  • View waveform and waterfall at the same time.
  • The colour waterfall display is flexible, making it easy to detect even small changes in measured sound, and make absolute measurements.
  • View data more clearly by filtering data using Lucy’s noise cancelling tool.
  • Examine data libraries using Replay tools. Users on-shore can view data using the same software. Let them change the noise cancellation properties, or, import data into a spreadsheet.


Software Applications:

  • Ocean Noise Measurement
  • Underwater Machine Monitoring
  • Oceanographic and Scientific Studies
  • Pipeline Leak Detection
  • Pile Driving
  • Dredging
  • Marine Mammal Monitoring
  • Marine Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Monitoring


Latest Version of Lucy is 4.1.1

NEW 4.1.1 Features:

  • FTP data retrieval/Unit updates.
  • RMS/pk-pk graph added for waveform data.
  • Accelerometer/Magnetometer data handling/interface.
  • icListen Trigger status display.
  • Sync status interface.
  • Density reference units.
  • Multiple efficiency improvements and bug fixes.


Modes of Operation:

1. Real Time

  • Visualize acoustic data as it is collected
  • Display waterfall, time-series of FFT data
  • Store unmodified calibrated data

2. Noise Cancelation

  • See through the noise by modelling it, then remove the noise from the display
  • Original data remains unchanged whether or not filtering is enabled

3. Replay Mode

  • Visualize previously collected acoustic data
  • Display FFT, waterfall and waveform data
  • Use Lucy’s Epoch feature to detect events
  • Let Lucy run unattended when processing multiple files


Photo Gallery of the LUCY Software Display Screenshots

Lucy Software Brochure
What Our Customers Are Saying
"I have used many different hydrophones on different systems, but these icListen hydrophones are the best I've seen in many years. They're calibrated to very low frequencies where I've never been able to get reliable data."

Ross Chapman
Professor Emeritus at the University of Victoria.