icListen Team


Mark Wood

Founder & President of Ocean Sonics & Instrument Concepts


Architect, problem solver and renegade. Mark has been designing acoustic systems for more than 2 decades. Acoustic positioning, calibration, low frequency, high frequency and occasionally quirky, such as the bovine EKG processing system based acoustic processing principles. Mark has logged many months at sea testing systems & gathering data, and this experience drives the overall form of products now being developed. All instruments must be deployable, usable & durable.With a background in electronic engineering, and an MSc in instrumentation & control, he is a hands-on person, equally at home in the field or with users telling them about the things they can do with their Smart Hydrophones.




Desiree Stockermans

Operations Director


Desiree holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Brunswick. She is in charge of the day-to-day sales operations and managing new business development. Her primary responsibility is managing the company email account and responding to all enquiries.








Jay Abel 


Lead Engineer

Jay graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Hawaii. As an analog design artist, Jay has been part of the icListen instrument since the beginning of the second generation, and has spent plenty of time with the original icListen. His pre-amplifier converter and power supply designs play a big role in the exceptional performance of the icListen instruments.  With nearly 30 years of electronics design and manufacturing experience, Jay designs our products to ensure that whether you order a hundred or just one, each icListen will perform exactly as you expect.





Alan Guinan

Embedded Software Engineer


Firmware designer, outdoorsman, hacker and adrenaline junky. Alan has been programming for nearly 2 decades, programming simple DOS programs as a child, video game hacking in his teens, and now developing microprocessor firmware for icListen. Alan has been a member of the icListen team since the beginning of the second generation, and has worked on the original icListen as well. Alan has a B.Sc(Agr.) majoring in plant science from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, and a B.Eng in electrical engineering from Dalhousie University. He is responsible for icListen’s firmware design, and also assists with hardware testing, prototyping and design and PC Application development. Alan lives with his wonderful wife Janine in Bible Hill, and outside of work enjoys playing video games, hiking, camping, and running obstacle races. He is excited to do a bit of thrill-seeking when the opportunity arises and has bungee jumped, sky dived, river rafted, and walked the edge of CN tower. He brings this same excitement to icListen development.







Zhao Xie

Accounting Administrative Assistant

Zhao joined Ocean Sonics in July of 2013. Zhao graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Art’s degree from the Fujian University in China. In May, Zhao graduated with a Diploma in Business with an Honours in Accounting from the Nova Scotia Community College in Truro, where she currently resides with her husband Jili, daughter Emily and son Dennis. Zhao says she loves Accounting because she is good with numbers and logical thinking.






Mithun Ceekala

Analog Design Engineer

Mithun joined Ocean Sonics in November 2013. He received his master’s degree (MASc) from Dalhouise University in Electrical and Computer engineering. His thesis was on analog to digital converters and published a paper in Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing Journal in February 2013. Before joining Ocean Sonics Mithun worked as a Research assistant under Dr. Christian Schlegel for 8 months, where he designed a base band transmitter chip for bio-medical implantation in TSMC 65nm Technology and sent it to the fabrication unit. His interests include Chip designing, PCB design and analog circuits.








new hirePierreAlmeidaPierre Almeida

International Marketing and Sales


Pierre graduated with a Advance Diploma in International Business from NSCC and attended Dalhousie for Computer Science. Pierre has over eight years of sales experience. Having a Portuguese background he is fluent in Portuguese and is improving his Spanish. His hobbies are wine, watches and traveling.

 Pierre’s Quote

“Always look ahead at the positive!”








Mark Higgins

Software Developer

Mark is an application software developer, musician, Aikidoka, and father of three. He graduated from College of Geographic Sciences (Programming Technician diploma) in 2000 and St. Francis Xavier University with honors in Computer Science in 2006. Mark has been programming for about seventeen years in various disciplines including Web apps, Enterprise IT, Defense, and now in Acoustics since joining Ocean Sonics in late 2015. At Ocean Sonics Mark is responsible for design, development, testing and support of all desktop application software and assists with front-line support of hardware.




Ben Cochrane

Production and Field Technician















 Rick Shaver

Financial Controller











Sharon Maclean

Production Manager

Sharon joined Ocean Sonics in May of 2015 with over twenty years’ experience in Production management. She has had the pleasure of working in a number of different industries and locations in her career but now is happy to be in her native province working in Ocean Technology. Sharon graduated from the University College of Cape Breton with a diploma in Business Administration and Dalhousie University (TUNS at the time) with a B.Eng in Industrial Engineering. Sharon enjoys going to the gym, jogging, cross county skilling, snow shoeing and anything that involves the beach.





Jillian Duggan


Jillian graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Acadia University. In September, she graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Ocean Technology from the Nova Scotia Community College. Jillian is excited to integrate her knowledge of Marine Sciences with her increasing knowledge in Underwater Acoustics. She enjoys being out on the field testing products and collecting data.





Paul Parusel

Lead Mechanical Designer