icListen: the world’s Smallest, Quietest and Easiest to use Digital Hydrophone.


Ocean Sonics designs and builds innovative products to improve the quality and success of underwater sound measurements. The icListen Smart Hydrophone is used around the world as the standard for acoustic monitoring, streaming and hydrophone arrays.

We develop our products with our users in mind. icListen may be the most user friendly digital hydrophone available, but it’s the supporting accessories and services that set the user experience apart. We work with you to design integrated ocean acoustic systems to ensure your data collection is as high quality and simple as possible. Our training, field support and data processing services provide users with complete reports and fail proof deployments.

Understanding ocean sounds has never been easier with icListen product family and data analysis services.






What Our Customers Are Saying
"Ocean Networks Canada performed a wide range of tests on the hydrophones prior to deployment to verify the manufacturer's specifications. The hydrophone instruments met all the manufacturer's specifications and were easy to use. Both models satisfy our requirements for dynamic range, sensitivity and, most importantly, reliability. When coupled with the fast and friendly customer support we have received, these LF and HF hydrophones are a good choice for our ocean observatory."

Tom Dakin
ONCIC's Sensor and Technology Business Development Officer and Resident Ocean Acoustician.
What Our Customers Are Saying
"We have been working with Ocean Sonics in our technology demonstration program since the first prototypes. Our science users have been very impressed with the very high quality data sets. Ocean Networks Canada is expanding our hydrophone network with Ocean Sonic icListen HF smart hydrophones across our observatory including new sites across coastal BC, as part of the Smart Oceans™ program. The compact size, Ethernet interface, high reliability and exceptional performance make these systems ideal for ocean observing applications such as mammal classification, vessel and ambient noise studies. "

Scott McLean,Director, Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre