Accessories for the Smart Hydrophones & Smart Projectors


Float Collar

Simpler to deploy than a tripod, just insert the icListen Smart Hydrophone into the Float Collar and lower it over the side of a dock or boat. A small 10kg anchor is enough to hold it in place in the correct orientation. If its bumped, it will move away and slowly return to its resting position. It’s also very quiet.





Sync GPS Master

Ocean Sonics offers a Sync GPS Master which allows the icListen to be synchronize by receiving a GPS pulse per second (PPS). The system is very low power, small and can be mounted on a mast above water or on shore. Typical PPS can synchronize the seconds to a resolution of nanoseconds. However, the Sync GPS modulates the trailing edge of the PPS signal to encode the date & time as well. This guarantees that all instruments are fully synchronized to GPS time after two minutes.




PTP Cans

If you are using the icListen on a network, you can synchronize that hydrophone to others to create an array of icListen Smart Hydrophones, or you can synchronize your acoustic data to other instruments. The IEEE 1588 Precision Timing Protocol can support timing accuracy of up to 1 usec. Actual timing accuracy depends on network quality and latency.

The Ocean Sonics PTP is compatible with most PTP network masters. It connects in-line between the network connection and the icListen. It supplies a sync PPS signal to lock the network timing to the instrument. No special software or configuration is required.

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