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With growing interest in the health of the oceans and in using the oceans to produce energy, the need to understand and measure human effects on the ocean is rising.

Measuring ocean sounds is becoming an important part of meeting international legislation being introduced, intended to protect the oceans as development rises.

Ocean Sonics manufactures the icListen Smart Hydrophone, an innovative passive acoustic monitoring system. Dedicated to providing the highest quality acoustic data recording and streaming systems and data analysis services, Ocean Sonics leads the way in smart hydrophone technology.
Ocean Sonics combines smart electronics with very high signal performance to give customers the most reliable and easy to use hydrophone systems. This enables users to collect, record, measure and process sounds.
Committed to the responsible collection of sound data from our oceans, Ocean Sonics has created hydrophone systems that are non-disruptive to sensitive ocean ecosystems. As a certified BCorp company, Ocean Sonics meets rigorous social and environmental performance standards, rooted in accountability and transparency.

The Ocean Sonics team combines many years’ experience in designing and manufacturing robust ocean acoustic instruments. We have the field experience to know that there is much more to making reliable ocean instruments than just producing great data. Every product is evaluated for usability and ease of deployment. Size is important to many users and we make all our products small and user friendly.

We listen to our users because they have great ideas and they often know best how use our products. We want all of our users to enjoy the experience of using the icListen.

What Our Customers Are Saying
"Ocean Networks Canada performed a wide range of tests on the hydrophones prior to deployment to verify the manufacturer's specifications. The hydrophone instruments met all the manufacturer's specifications and were easy to use. Both models satisfy our requirements for dynamic range, sensitivity and, most importantly, reliability. When coupled with the fast and friendly customer support we have received, these LF and HF hydrophones are a good choice for our ocean observatory."

Tom Dakin
ONCIC's Sensor and Technology Business Development Officer and Resident Ocean Acoustician.